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WPI's approach to consulting is to ensure that the expertise fits the project. The company often supplements its own expertise with on-point specialists, often semi-retirees from the area under investigation. Collectively, this teaming approach not only ensures that the end product is both well informed and informative, but that it is accomplished with efficiency.

Our consulting services can be categorized into three major categories of expertise:

We bring our consulting experience to bear for agribusinesses, sub-national and national-level agricultural producer groups, export promotion groups, biofuels and energy industry stakeholders, investment banks, hedge funds, pension funds, state and national governments and multilateral institutions.

Our expertise ranges across the agricultural, energy, risk management and trade, environmental and sustainability sectors. 

Case Studies

Export Infrastructure: The board of an industry organization voted to use their assets to start an export trading company. WPI was asked to look at its feasibility and concluded that the market for such companies was already saturated. Based on WPI’s analysis, the board subsequently reversed its decision and saved funds for more impactful investments.

Consumer Research: WPI produced low-cost consumer surveys and market research data on behalf of an agricultural exporter group in several key global markets. The resulting data pointed towards measurable increases in consumer demand, and the client subsequently used this data to obtain additional USDA/FAS funding for export promotion efforts.

Strategic Alignment: WPI conducted a series of evaluations of technical research and industry communication efforts funded by a national commodity producer’s association. Recommendations included a better spatial alignment of goals with measurable results in research and communication. The association revised its strategic plan and now more accurately measures expenditures, timing and outcomes.

Market Identification: The executive management team of a U.S. export entity asked WPI to identify new global export markets for a mix of agricultural products. After careful analysis, WPI’s team recommended that promotional efforts be conducted in Colombia (among other markets). Promotional investment was committed and the subsequent increase in exports resulted in a 6:1 return ratio.

Market Identification: On behalf of an industry client WPI identified Cuba as a potential market due to that country’s problems obtaining quality seed in time for holiday food sales. They are now intensifying their follow up in that market given the recent political opening between Washington and Havana.

Crop Insurance: In addition to evaluating the efficaciousness of proposed new insurance policies for USDA’s Risk Management Agency, WPI overcame hurdles (e.g. meteorological data is a state secret) to successfully develop a weather-based crop insurance policy for the Vietnam Ministry of Finance.

Impact Analysis: On behalf of fiber optic cable manufacturers, WPI calculated the economic impact on rural America from broadband Internet access. The results undergirded a subsequent decision to underwrite the cost of rural broadband via the Universal Service Fund.

Value Chain Analysis: A major technology provider engaged WPI to better understand the wheat value chain and the impacts of introducing a biotech variety. Among other reasons, the company delayed work on the variety due to WPI’s calculation at the time that complete identity preservation was not achievable.

Investment Analysis: WPI provided due diligence assistance to a Canadian company on an oilseed crush plant in the Ukraine. Local soybean production available to the $24 million investment at Reni in Odessa has increased over 550 percent since its construction.

Facts and Figures

Since 2000, WPI has executed over 160 unique consulting projects on behalf of over 90 clients in over 60 countries. Products have ranged from almonds to wine, and have spanned all parts of the agrifood value chain.


Generally, WPI's deliverables for consulting projects include a comprehensive written report detailing the project's findings and addressing the key objectives of the client's original RFP. Recommendations are provided when applicable. Additionally, WPI generally produces a presentation-ready PowerPoint document detailing the report's key takeaways. 

For more information regarding WPI's consulting services, please contact David Gregg at dgregg@agrilink.com.

WPI Spotlight