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Consulting Services

WPI has extensive experience evaluating international export programs, industry communication and consumer outreach efforts, technical and research projects, and more on behalf of U.S. agricultural cooperators, numerous producer and industry organizations, and private firms across the agri-food industry.

Sample Projects

  • FY2012 and 2013 Project Evaluations (on behalf of a U.S. state soybean board)
  • Evaluation of the Soybean Research Program at USDA-ARS' Raleigh, NC Office
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Study on International Promotional Program Spending
  • Evaluation of the American Oil Chemists' Society Support of [industry organization]
  • Generic and Brand International Program Evaluation for State Regional Trade Group (SRTG)
  • Evaluation of Export Promotion Programs in Indonesia
  • Evaluation of Export Promotion Programs in Japan
  • Evaluation of Export Promotion Programs in South Korea

For more information regarding WPI's consulting services, please contact David Gregg at dgregg@agrilink.com.

WPI Spotlight