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How do I get more information about subscribing to one of WPI’s publications?

Please fill out our subscription form to receive a free trial of any of our publications. WPI staff will follow up with price estimates for a company-wide subscription.

How can I access WPI’s publications?

WPI's publications are only available to subscribers and can be accessed from our website. Subscribers can log in at the top of the screen to view publications.

My company subscribes to a WPI publication, but I don’t have a username and password.  How do I get one?

Most of WPI's subscriptions are company-wide, so if your company is a subscriber, you can request a username and password. To do so, email wpi@agrilink.com with your name, company, and email address.

What if I forgot my username and password?

Click on "Forgot your password?" at the top right-hand side of the page to have your password emailed to you. Usernames are generally everything before the "@" in your email address. If you continue to have trouble, please email wpi@agrilink.com to have your username and password reset.

How do I print or view a PDF of a report?

You must be logged in to print or view a PDF of a report. From the "Publications" page you can choose the "Download Latest Issue" button to the right. You can also generate a PDF of individual articles by selecting that article and then choosing "View or Print PDF" at the top right.

Can I access archives or search previous reports?

Once you are logged in you can access archives via the sidebar on the "Publications" page.

How do I access WPI’s Price Database?

Our price database is available as part of a subscription to Ag Perspectives. Non-subscribers to Ag Perspectives are unable to access the Price Database.

Who do I talk to about WPI’s Consulting Services?

WPI offers a variety of consulting services from market assessments to program evaluations to ROI studies. Please contact David Gregg, Consulting Projects Manager, at dgregg@agrilink.com with any questions.

WPI Spotlight