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Farmers in India want the Swaminathan Report recommendations implemented, including the suggestion that Minimum Support Prices (MSPs) should be based on the production cost plus 50 percent of that cost as profit margin.

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The Trump administration has prepared a document entitled “Key Elements of a Model Trade Agreement,” which lists 24 items (so far) to be considered in any trade deal, including the renegotiation of NAFTA.

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9-11 May

David Gregg and Dave Juday are presenting at the International Meat Secretariat in Paris, France.

10-12 April

Gary Blumenthal is presenting at the Canadian Global Crops Symposium in Calgary, AB.

28-31 March

David Gregg is attending the SUSTA meeting.

23-24 February

Gary Blumenthal and Matt Herrington are attending the USDA Outlook Forum in Arlington, VA.

WPI Spotlight