WPI Spotlight


24-26 August

Gary Blumenthal and David Gregg are presenting to the soybean industry in Snoqualmie, WA.

27 August - 2 September

David Gregg is conducting market research in China.

Calculating Returns for U.S. Corn Producers from Red Meat Exports

Among other organizations, the Iowa Corn Promotion Board recently cited WPI analysis conducted on behalf of the U.S. Meat Export Federation on the value of red meat exports to corn and ethanol producers. 

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13-14 July

Gary Blumenthal and David Gregg are attending USAEDC in Arlington, VA.

Voters' Attitudes Toward Farmers and Farm Policy

"National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) recently released a poll on voters’ attitudes toward farmers and farm policy. It was conducted by Northstar Communications with 1,000 registered voters interviewed by telephone 3-7 April and has a margin of error of 3.1 percent. Following are some key results:

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22-24 May

Gary Blumenthal is performing a trade show evaluation while attending the NASDA meeting in Chicago, IL.

25-26 May

David Gregg and Dave Juday are attending the USMEF board of directors meeting in St. Louis, MO.

Need for a Uniform Policy

Fads can be found in nearly all facets of our lives and in nearly everything we consume, even the food we eat. Currently, the most dominant food fad features items produced from ingredients that have not been genetically modified (GM), commonly referred to as non-GM foods.

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WPI Spotlight