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28-29 October

Gary Blumenthal is attending the Industry Outlook and Data Users meeting in Chicago, IL

Domestic Agricultural Policies and the National Economy

The philosopher George Santayana's observation that "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" can be applied to the causes and effects of certain national domestic agricultural policies. The political influence of agricultural producers has led some governments to adopt farm policies designed to support their incomes.

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26-28 August

Gary Blumenthal and David Gregg are presenting at the USB meeting in Boston, Mass.

The Impact of Drought

The very severe ongoing drought in California is receiving a great deal of national attention and for good reason: the state is the country's most populous at almost 39 million, and it has the most valuable agricultural industry in the U.S. because of its huge production of fruits, vegetables, nuts and animal products.

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13-15 June

Gary Blumenthal is presenting at the APC meeting in North Carolina.

The CFTC's Beginning

The Commodity Futures Trading Authority (CFTC) was created in 1974 by an act of Congress as an independent agency charged with overseeing and regulating futures exchanges and futures trading. It replaced the Commodity Exchange Authority (CEA), an office within USDA, which had been established in 1933 primarily to reign in the kind of unregulated speculation and market manipulation in grain futures markets prevalent at the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT).

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