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8-10 April

David Gregg and Dave Juday are presenting at SUSTA in New Orleans, LA.

The EPA and Test Fuels

The Energy Future Coalition and others argue that the EPA's so-called Tier 3 emissions standard for cars and gasoline, which is designed to cut sulfur levels by more than 60 percent starting in 2017, contains a provision that prevents gasoline producers from creating new fuel blends containing more ethanol.

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17-19 February

Gary Blumenthal is attending and Dave Juday is  moderating the National Oilseed Producers Association (NOPA) 2015 annual meeting in Dana Point, Ca.

Politics and Agriculture

Food is essential to human well-being. Since it is so crucial, food is also inevitably political. Because essential food is derived from multiple kinds of agricultural production, politics and agriculture are unavoidably and inseparably intertwined.

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1-3 December

Gary Blumenthal and Dave Juday are conducting market investigations in the Midwest.

6 December

Mike Krueger is speaking at the International Association of Operative MIllers in Cape Town, South Africa.

10-12 December

Dave Juday and David Gregg are attending a fall meeting of the Souther U.S. Trade Association in Miami, Florida.

15-16 December

Gary Blumenthal and David Gregg are conducting market investigations in the Pacific Northwest.

18-19 November

Gary Blumenthal and David Gregg are attending the November USAEDC meeting in Baltimore, Maryland.

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