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7-9 October

Gary Blumenthal is presenting at the OIlseed/Grain Summit in New Orleans, Louisiana.

20-21 October

Gary Blumenthal is attending the IOC meeting in Chicago, Illiniois.

20-22 October

David Gregg and David Poe are attending Export Exchange in Seattle, Washington.

28-30 October

Gary Blumenthal is presenting at Cereals North America in Winnipeg, Canada.

29-31 October

David Gregg is presenting at the National Association of Wheat Growers in New Mexico.

27-29 August

Gary Blumenthal and David Gregg are presenting at the United Soybean Board in Denver, Colorado.

28 July

Gary Blumenthal is presenting at USGC in Omaha, Nebraska.

29 July

Gary Blumenthal and Dave Juday are presenting at the National Pork Board in Des Moines, Iowa.

30-31 July

Mike Krueger is speaking at the Latin American Buyers Conference in Costa Rica.

Rising Demand

The global aquaculture sector clearly offers a great opportunity for expansion in the future. Aquaculture production has grown at an annual rate of 8.3 percent and reached 60 MMT in CY 2010. Output must continue to increase in order to meet the rising global demand for seafood.

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Week of 2 June

Gary Blumenthal, Mike Krueger and David Poe will be in Memphis to discuss commodity heging opportunities with a trading firm.

10 June

Mike Krueger is speaking at the U.S. Wheat Summit Meeting in Omaha, Nebraska.

19 June

Gary Blumenthal is presenting the global supply and demand situation at the 2014 China-U.S. Grain and Oilseeds Trade Forum in Beijing, China.

1 May

Gary Blumenthal and David Poe are giving a presentation to the financial sector in New York City.

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