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Agribusiness can refer to virtually every commercial activity from crop and livestock production to the placement of consumer foods on grocery shelves or wool and cotton textiles in the hands of users. Thus, it encompasses everything from farms, small local businesses like farm service and input suppliers, country elevators, feedlots, dairies, and processors of crops to very large, vertically-integrated, multi-national corporations spanning the globe.

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14-18 November

Gary Blumenthal and David Gregg are attending the U.S. Agricultural Export Development Council's Annual Workship in Baltimore, MD.

28 November - 2 December

David Gregg is attendingwork completed on behalf of the California strawberrry industry in Watsonville, CA.

The All India Poultry Exporters Association wants the government to either ban the importation of chicken meat produced with biotech feed ingredients or allow Indian farmers to plant the more productive biotech soybeans and corn.

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14-16 October

David Gregg is attending the PMA show in Orlando, FL.

18-19 October

Matt Herrington is attending the USDA Data Users' Meeting and the LMIC Industry Outlook in Chicago, IL.

20 October

David Gregg is presenting work completed on behalf of the California strawberrry industry in Watsonville, CA.

24-26 October

David Gregg is attending U.S. Grain Council's Export Exchange in Detroit, MI.

24-28 October

Gary Blumenthal is in Brussels, Belgium for a presentation to the DG AGRI staff and to attend the Commission's annual (outlook) Workshop.
The wheat market may be preparing for a significant move in prices. WPI’s recent analysis of the spread between proprietary high and low FOB export prices for HRW and SRW wheat from the Port of New Orleans over the past year found it to be over $10/MT.

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Chicago versus Paris

Wheat, the biblical staff of life, occupies a unique place in commodity market history. It was wheat trading that started the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) in 1848 and created the world’s first futures contract. Traditionally, this contract has been the bellwether for the world’s wheat markets and has traded with limited international competition.

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WPI Spotlight