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WPI is well known in the agricultural community for its market and policy analytical reports. For more than 30 years our work has attracted a diverse client base that includes major grain and oilseed trading companies, food processors, farm organizations, financial institutions, trade associations, plus government agencies in the U.S., Europe, South America and Asia.

While the firm is based in Washington, DC, its analysts can be found in Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Kiev, Sofia, Avignon, New Delhi, Beijing, Canberra, and five other places in the U.S. Most have decades of experience working in the trade and analyzing agricultural markets, which means our reports may not always be prose but they are typically insightful.

Facts and Figures

We have published nearly 10,000 daily reports and more than 300 monthly reports that drill down deeper into the topics of most keen interest to the global agribusiness community. In fact, our insights are so highly regarded that we have served as content providers for other organizations, including financial institutions and trade associations. We are currently ghost writing approximately 50 reports per year.

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Ag Perspectives

A daily report that dissects the market and policy developments most likely to impact the agricultural market.

Policy Perspectives

A daily report that highlights the foibles of issue proponents and policymakers seeking to redirect the way the agrifood market works.

Ag Review

A once per month magazine style approach to better understanding the agricultural market and the world.

WPI Spotlight