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Today's Articles: Tuesday, 21 February

Closing Futures Prices

Today's grain, oilseed, cattle and hog prices.

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Market Commentary

Trading volume last evening was good, especially for soybeans as the complex responded to higher soymeal prices traded at China’s Dalian Commodity Exchange. Overnight gains disappeared soon after the day session opened, though, being unable to withstand hedge selling, including that coming from Brazil.

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Middle East, Mediterranean and Africa Regional Analysis

Maize and sorghum prices in eastern Africa are at record levels due to last year’s severe drought. Meanwhile, one organization has warned of an infestation in southern Africa this year that could be a more significant threat to crops than the current outbreak of fall armyworms.

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Playing Around with Managed Funds

Without a pipeline into the thinking of fund managers who have decided to re-enter the long side of the agricultural futures market in a major way, even after their unhappy experiences of the past two years or so, one can only speculate as to what is behind this move.

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Oilseed Highlights: Canadian and Australian Canola Crop Forecasts; More Biodiesel in Brazil; Mexico’s Soybean and Corn Imports

While several recent articles have cited officials in Mexico arguing that the country should shift away from the U.S. as its main supplier of soybeans and corn because of President Trump's criticism of its trade surplus, there are reasons to believe that this will not occur.

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Non-Reorganization; Trade Disputes; Notable Research

India is seeking a WTO dispute settlement panel to rule against subsidy and local content requirements for renewable energy in some American states. The U.S. characterizes this as political retribution.


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Farm Balance Sheet Impact on Planting and the Farm Bill

What will continued low crop prices and debt accumulation mean for production and policy?

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See what USDA has on its calendar tomorrow.

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