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AgReview July 2017

Volume 29, No.6

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WPI Agribusiness Subsector Outlook 

 A brief review of WPI’s past Bull/Bear calls and industry stock price performance.

WPI Bull/Bear Leanings for Agribusiness in 2017

A summary and graphical depictions of WPI’s expectations for future agribusiness performance.

The U.S. Grain Industry

Firms face a supply situation vastly different from that of recent years. Combined with low market volatility and even lower trading profits, managerial efficacy will be key for performance.

Canada's Booming Oilseed Sector

As with the U.S., wheat is dying and oilseeds are rising. Canadian oilseed handlers, processors and exporters will benefit.

Opportunities and Geopolitics in the Azov Sea

The Azov Sea is a key shipping point for the world and is embroiled in geopolitical risk. However, fear of steep economic losses will nearly eliminate any substantive political action.

The U.S. Biofuels Industry

The Trump administration takes a new approach to setting the annual volume obligations for biofuels under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

The U.S. Farm Equipment Industry

Diversification and timely strategic expansion in key geographic regions justify a bullish outlook.

Farm Inputs

Corn prices are higher but are failing to buoy fertilizer prices. Industry share prices look to remain stable even as some weakness exists in product pricing.

Policy Trends

The dynamic of market changes is more prolific right now than the seemingly stalled policy machinations.Read Full Issue

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