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AgReview June 2017

Volume 29, No.5


WPI Agribusiness Subsector Outlook 

 A brief review of WPI’s past Bull/Bear calls and industry stock price performance.

WPI Bull/Bear Leanings for Agribusiness in 2017

A summary and graphical depictions of WPI’s expectations for future agribusiness performance.

The U.S. Grain Industry

Volatile weather is creating a challenging outlook for wheat millers, while positive political developments will benefit corn millers.

The Opportunities in India's Vegetable Oil Markets

An interesting case study in the advantages and consequences of protectionist policies, India is trapped between supporting its farmers, rising vegetable oil demand, and falling crop prices. Still, opportunities exist for agribusinesses to profit in the country.

The U.S. Meat and Livestock Industry

Both beef and hog packer margins remain strong, which boosts the industry’s revenue prospects. Poultry producers are also enjoying elevating margins, although broiler meat exports are a headwind for the industry.

Agribusiness' Hedging and Futures Trading Trends

A two-year bear market and low volatility have changed agribusiness’ trading and hedging strategies.

Policy Trends

Growth still bubbles along the food supply chain even if Washington provides no help.Read Full Issue

WPI Spotlight