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AgReview April 2017

Volume 29, No.3

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WPI Agribusiness Subsector Outlook 


WPI Bull/Bear Leanings for Agribusiness in 2017

A summary and graphical depictions of WPI’s expectations for future agribusiness performance.

The U.S. Grain Industry

Industry focus on divesting non-core business units will stabilize bottom line figures while meeting changing consumer needs will boost revenues.

The U.S. Oilseed Processing Industry

Record soybean stocks and low prices will likely create a challenging year ahead for soybean processors, exporters, farm input suppliers and equipment manufacturers. However, it should be positive for food manufacturers and animal producers because of lower ingredient costs.

The U.S. Biofuels Industry

The biofuels industry is highly dependent on federal renewable energy policy, but there is a great deal of uncertainty over the future of that policy under the Trump administration.

The U.S. Dairy Industry

Exports remain the lone bright spot in the dairy industry where commercial disappearance of dairy products is decreasing and production is increasing. USDA is likely to intervene in the markets with a price support program.

Farm Inputs

Spring planting demand is fading fast, pulling company share prices lower. However, share prices are at or near their lows, and moderate upside for the industry is expected.

Policy Trends

Economic growth is sturdier at the same time political uncertainty has risen.Read Full Issue

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